Celebrating Valentine's Day in a restaurant remains a classic. According to TheFork, this is the date of the year with the highest number of reservations.

On average, Europeans make 3 times more dinner reservations on 14 February, compared to the rest of the month. The Portuguese even lead this ranking with about 4 times more reserves in this event, ahead of countries like France (3.6+), Switzerland and Holland (3+) and Italy (2.6+).

TheFork study also reveals that the reservations made are not exclusive to couples. In fact, about 4 percent of Europeans reserve dinner for 1 or 3 people on the night in question. In this case, Portugal also stands out behind the Dutch (4.6 percent vs. 5.4 percent), followed by countries such as Italy (4.5 percent), Switzerland (3.3 percent) and France (3 percent).

According to data from TheFork platform, the event does not appear to have an impact on the price level of reserved restaurants.

In Portugal, the average price of restaurants booked on this date is lower than the rest of the year (€24.2 vs. €26.2) and the same type of drop was detected in France (€32.1 vs. €34). Besides, Portugal is the country that presents itself below the European average, with an average price of around €35.

Switzerland is the country with the highest cost, suffering a slight increase in the average price paid on Valentine's Day compared to an ordinary day (€54.5 vs. €53.1). The same is true for Dutch (€33.5 vs. €32.7) and Italian (€29 vs. €27.9) restaurants.

Italian cuisine is preferred by Europeans to celebrate the date, as it is included in the top 3 most reserved cuisines in Portugal, France, Italy, Holland and Switzerland.

At national level, the most consumed cuisine on Valentine's Day is Portuguese, followed by international and Italian cuisine in order of preference. France's top 3 includes French, Italian and Indian cuisine. Italians, on the other hand, choose Mediterranean flavours, seafood and Japanese food. The Dutch mainly consume international, French and Italian cuisine. Finally, the Swiss are betting on French, international and Italian cuisine.

At TheFork you can easily discover and book more than 80,000 restaurants in Europe, Australia and Latin America. In Portugal, the application currently brings together more than 2,500 restaurants, of which, more than 500 with discounts of 30 percent, 40 percent and 50 percent throughout the year.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, the main online restaurant reservation platform suggests some of the most romantic options, such as:

Lisbon: Esqina Gastro & Cocktail Bar, Espada and Trato32;

Cascais: Valério and Taberna da Praça;

Porto: Hortas & Pratos, La Maison Rouge 48 and Panda;

Algarve: Faz Gostos and O Alagar;

Évora: Cafe Tiborna;

Coimbra: Trovador and Telheiro;

Braga: Lab253 and Migaitas Salão Champagne.