Portugal to decide new measures to control pandemic today

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The Council of Ministers meets today to enact "immediate actions" to control the pandemic, one day after the Prime Minister received the parties with parliamentary seats with a view to reaching a consensus on these decisions.

In view of the worsening situation at a national level, the Prime Minister met Friday with parties with parliamentary seats, while the Minister of Economy received the social partners on possible containment measures.

"We did not exclude any possible measure at the outset, but we understand that we must adopt measures that disturb personal, social and economic life as little as possible. We must take into account a second element that I have tried to convey: We are facing a long-distance race and therefore, we cannot use up all our efforts or all the measures in the first moments", António Costa said on Thursday.

The extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers, which starts at 10:00 am, in the Palácio da Ajuda, takes place one day after the country has surpassed records since the beginning of the pandemic with the registration of 40 dead, 4,656 infected and 1,927 inpatients, 275 of whom are in intensive care, according to the Directorate-General for Health.

On the table for discussion will be several possibilities, including the mandatory withdrawal and the extension of restrictions imposed in Paços de Ferreira, Felgueiras and Lousada to more municipalities, as stated on Friday by the Minister of Economy, Siza Vieira.

According to the PAN party, the Government is considering decreeing a general lockdown, but only during the first half of December, to preserve the Christmas period. However, the leader of the PAN party, André Silva, said that this measure was not presented as being certain and stressed that it requires a state of emergency.

According to the leader of the Liberal Initiative, Cotrim Figueiredo, the Government admitted at the hearing on Friday the possibility of imposing the lockdown in counties where the incidence rate reaches 240 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Rui Rio of PSD warned that the current situation is "even more serious" than that seen in March but said that the country will not experience general lockdown because the country's economy will not allow it. The PSD party, he said, will always be "on the side of the solution", in case the Government proposes a new state of emergency.

BE coordinator Catarina Martins, for the time being, has ruled out the need for a new state of emergency, arguing that the Government should use all the installed capacity in health, if necessary using the civil requisition of the private and social sectors.

The Chega party, who delivered to the Administrative Court of Círculo de Lisboa a "subpoena for the defense of rights, freedoms and guarantees" against the ban on movement between municipalities in the national territory, (which runs until 06:00 am on November 3), André Ventura criticized the possibility of applying the rules already in force in Paços de Ferreira, Lousada and Felgueiras throughout the national territory, considering that this would be "an injustice".

Regarding the possibility of a new general confinement in the first half of December, André Ventura considered that "it is not justified and it may even be counterproductive".

The state of emergency was decreed, for 15 days, from March 19 to April 2, 2020 and was renewed twice, effective until May 2.

Portugal has been in a state of calamity since the 14th of October throughout the national territory.


It is not hard to understand, why the PCR test is ruling the world right now. And it is dividing the population.
Dr Kary B. Mullis invented the PCR test not with the intention to say a person is infected or not.
Positive tests are in the range of the failure rate of PCR test. And, as said before, there is a difference if you die WITH Corona or OF Corona.

Dear retirees in Portugal, you have the time to do your own research. Ask yourself who is profiting from the current virus scare. Are you waiting for a vaccine, which the first time in history is based on genetic modification of the human body?

Hey, wake up and see the official press release of the European Council, Council of the European Union regarding GMO on humans:


I am sure you do not like to eat a GMO papaya, do you? Don´t do it to yourself.

If you cannot reach Ursula von der Leyen, or Jens Spahn, you can also ask

Assen Indjiev, Press officer of the Commission

+32 2 281 68 14
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for more details.

By Max Weber from Other on 01-11-2020 01:16

There wasn't a pandemic. The WHO made up their own definition to call anything they like a pandemic but this is not what it means to most people. Notices of liability have been served for example to the president of Austria and those responsible for the these lockdown crimes are being made aware of their liability. It is over. Time to move onto a better period and Portugal can benefit. Vitamin D deficiency is a huge factor not just in respiratory conditions but in all health. People from all over Europe should come to get sun in the winter and eat the ripe fruits and fresh vegetables to detox. This will be good for the economy and health rather than deterring visitors with dangerous mask regulations and torture techniques of social alienation.

By Sean from UK on 31-10-2020 04:53
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