SEF’s new automatic renewal service renews 47,000 residency permits

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Portugal’s Immigration and Borders service SEF has automatically renewed 47,000 residency permits granted to third country nationals the majority of whom are Brazilians.

The automatic renewal services is a new function launched by SEF on 21 July which allows residency permits to be renewed without needing to go in person to a SEF office.

It was introduced to simplify proceedings in the context of the Covid pandemic.


Hi.I am little confused with the above article.I am a British retired citizen and already have resident in Portugal.Right now I am holding a resident document.When can I apply for the permanent card..Kind regards!

By Mary Pinto from Algarve on 27-08-2020 09:58

The automatic renewal online is very fast I renewed my resident permit on 21 July paid the fees after 48h of receiving the payment notification and i received my card in less than two weeks Portugal is the best country for immigrants in Europe. Up SEF !!!!

By Chukwuma nnamah from Lisbon on 27-08-2020 07:17

It is a great idea, however, the automatic renewal does not include students. For example, I am a student at the University of Aveiro and I am now sticking in Jordan (my country) and I have difficulty to renew my card because the appointment is not working and the automatic renewal is not for students. We don't know what we should do especially when you have selfish people of students who does not want to provide you with their experience. I have sent two emails to the SEF but without answering. It is trouble situation and many countries have strict rules about travelling for example my country closed the airport. They should find a solution for international students outside of European Union.
Best regards,

By Issa Alkinj from Other on 27-08-2020 05:01

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By Satnam jassi from Madeira on 27-08-2020 12:34

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By Kunal Mital from Lisbon on 26-08-2020 06:52

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By Nazir Ahmad from Other on 26-08-2020 10:50

I am need perment resdience

By Munish saini from Other on 26-08-2020 06:16

Nos, estudantes internacionais de Portugal de ensinio superioe nao Temos Autorenovação de residencia temporaria. Porqué essa discrimnacao Nos estamos sem residencia agora e nao sabemos quando vamos ter marcaçao.

By Dinesh Singh from Porto on 26-08-2020 02:31

Does this include we British who have been resident in Portugal for 25 years or do we have to attend SEF sitting for hours prior to attention.

By Geoffrey Rees from Lisbon on 25-08-2020 08:38

Why not can i renew my residencey permit on online?

By Naresh kumar from Lisbon on 25-08-2020 08:27

Very good news for all immigrant

By Mani from Lisbon on 25-08-2020 06:46

my residents card not yet I have received 10 February 2020 my finger is done pico and see how Portugal sef officers harrassed migrant for ther residents card we migrants people invest thousands lakhs of euro pay tax to grow the ECONOMY of Portugal and SEF PORTUGAL OFFICER HARRASSED MIGRANT FOR THEIR RESIDENTS CARD GIVEN ALL THE DOCUMENTS THEN ALSO HARRASSING MIGRANTS 7 MONTHS PAST NOT YET I HAVE RECEIVED MY RESIDENTS CARD I HAVE PAID THE FEES ALSO OF MY RESIDENTS CARD BUT NOT YET I HAVE RECEIVED VERY POOR AND VERY BAD PORTUGAL SEF

By Mohammed rafiq manji from Lisbon on 25-08-2020 05:11

on 10 feb 2020 finger is done in pico and how Portugal sef immigration officers are harassing migrants who are trying to develop the ECONOMY of Portugal not yet I have receive my residents card shame on Portugal sef very bad sef service harrassed genuine migrants for waiting months and months

By Mohammed rafiq manji from Lisbon on 25-08-2020 05:03
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