According to the clarification sent by the office of the Secretary of State for Tourism, Rita Marques, to the Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Similars of Portugal (AHRESP), the restrictions on movement between counties, in the period between 00:00 of 30 October and 6am of 3 November, do not apply to "foreign tourists, as well as national citizens residing in the autonomous regions and outside Portugal".

In a previous communiqué, AHRESP had pointed out that, in its understanding, the ban in question did not apply to accommodation reservations made previously.

In its reading of the diploma, AHRESP understands that the reservations previously made, both in the field of Tourism Accommodation and in the field of family and corporate events, "are accommodated" in the part of the resolution that indicates that this restriction does not apply "to movements of non-resident citizens to places of proven stay".

However, at the time, the association noted that it was going to ask for clarification from the tutelage.

Earlier this week the Portuguese Hotel Association (AHP) called for the ban on travel between municipalities to exclude hotel reservations made before the measure was announced.

This measure was approved at the meeting of the Council of Ministers held on 22 October, noting that the AHP had caused "immense disruption and cancellations" in some hotel establishments, in the "planned reservations of small groups, domestic and foreign".

Just over a week after the Council of Ministers announced the return of the state of calamity due to the increase in cases of infection with the new coronavirus, on 22 October the government approved a ban on travel between municipalities on the continent during the weekend of the Day of the Dead, with measures similar to those planned for Easter.