Portugal’s second lockdown begins

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Partial confinement in Portugal came into force on 4 November in 121 municipalities in mainland Portugal where there is a “high risk of transmission of Covid-19”, applying the duty to stay at home, except for authorised travel, such as shopping, work, teaching and physical activity.

In addition to specific measures for these municipalities, the resolution of the Council of Ministers, published in the Diário da República, extends the declaration of the state of calamity throughout the national continental territory until 23:59 on 19 November.

On 31 October, after an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers, the government announced the decision to renew the disaster situation and to apply special measures in the municipalities with a high risk of transmission of Covid-19, noting that both the extension and the restrictions in the 121 municipalities would be in force between 4 and 15 of November.

This date was amended to 19 November in the resolution, allowing it to remain in force for 15 days.

Without justifying the change in the date, the government’s official source told Lusa that “the information published in the Diário da República prevails.

Applying the general criteria of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) of “more than 240 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days,” and considering the proximity to another municipality in that situation and the exception for outbreaks located in low-density municipalities, the government identified 121 municipalities with high risk of Covid-19 transmission, including the capital municipalities of 12 of the 18 districts of mainland Portugal; Viana do Castelo, Braga, Vila Real, Bragança, Porto, Guarda, Aveiro, Castelo Branco, Santarém, Lisbon, Setúbal and Beja. Viseu, Coimbra, Leiria, Portalegre, Évora and Faro are excluded.

Covering 70 percent of the resident population, or 7.1 million inhabitants in Portugal, the list of 121 “high risk transmission” municipalities can be consulted at covid19estamoson.gov and will be updated every 15 days.

Among the special measures implemented in these municipalities is the duty to stay at home, except for the 26 reasons for authorised travel, which include purchases of goods and services, performance of professional activities, obtaining health care, assistance to vulnerable people, school attendance, access to cultural facilities, physical activity, participation in social volunteering, pet walks, animal feeding, exercise of freedom of the press and travel necessary to leave the continental national territory.

In these territories all commercial establishments must close at 10pm, except restaurants, which have until 10:30pm to close; home delivery services (which cannot provide alcoholic beverages within the scope of this activity), which must close at 1am; cultural activities, which must end at 10:30pm; and other exceptions such as pharmacies, offices and clinics, funeral activities and service areas and petrol stations.

“The closing times may be set by the mayor of the municipality with territorial jurisdiction, subject to a favourable opinion from the local health authority and the security forces, provided that the maximum limits established are met,” reads the resolution of the Council of Ministers.

Among the prohibitions applying to these municipalities is the holding of events and celebrations with more than five people, except if they belong to the same household, and of “fairs and markets, unless authorised by the mayor with territorial jurisdiction”.

In these 121 municipalities, religious ceremonies and shows are allowed, following the rules of the Directorate General of Health (DGS), and at the labour level it is compulsory to have mirror teams, as well as the adoption of the teleworking regime whenever the functions in question allow it.

For the whole territory of mainland Portugal, the number of people in each group in restaurants is now limited to six, unless they belong to the same household.

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I am due to fly here next weekend to sort out my residency visa, can anyone please advise if the associated offices are actually open in order for me to this?

By Andy from UK on 15-11-2020 11:23

Hi I just wanted to write something responding to all the the MARTIN comments. There are many British people living in Portugal that love this country and are happy to follow the rules. We respect Portugal all the way. Much love from the UK.

By Jarred Nutstein from UK on 11-11-2020 01:24

This pandemic has been too much
But I think we have lesser in Portugal why another lockdown

By Perry from Beiras on 09-11-2020 03:45

Martin, If you think so ill of the people of this country, WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE.

By colin from Algarve on 09-11-2020 06:53

The link to the page is incorrect, it reads covid19estamoson.gov, while it should read https://covid19estamoson.gov.pt/

By Polina from Other on 08-11-2020 10:08

I want to confirm if there is any european country opened their border for tourists ?

By JAGDEEP SINGH from Other on 08-11-2020 08:39

I'm not sure my message got through,so here it is again.
Martin by your name it looks as though you're english.if so all I can say is, if you don't like the rules you can always go back and take your chances there. The rest of us are happy to stay safe.

By David from Beiras on 08-11-2020 07:19

Martin I gather from your name your english. If you don't like the rules you can always go back to england and take your chances there

By David from Beiras on 08-11-2020 07:07

Sad is,nt it! It,s happening in many countries.I wonder if anyone has died with a mask on.I hear it,s in the water supply in some places in England. And there is no vaccination in sight let alone cure.Excuse me while I go get a glass of water.Takecare all.

By Lorraine Clements from UK on 07-11-2020 12:31

Martin if you dislike whatis happe ning and dealt with,why are you here?

By Co.in from Algarve on 06-11-2020 08:55

No excess death in Portugal, less people in hospital than a normal year right now. Where is the pandemic exactly?

By Jordan Gross from Lisbon on 06-11-2020 07:09

This is not rubbish. It is good that Portuguese authorities are taking these measures. It is not by chance that Portugal has been one of the countries with the best performance in these sad times of coronavirus. I only have doubts on the short length of the measures.

By Pedro from Other on 06-11-2020 05:09

Martin, to answer your pertinent question , yes the lunatics have finally taken over the asylum. Time for a populous uprising ?
Very Possibly I'd say.

By Udo T. from Algarve on 06-11-2020 12:27

Martin, I feel with you. It is either they are lunatics (there is no logic in anything that they are doing) or this is a coordinated plan (we cannot see the logic because we don't know the plan). This is getting harder to tell by the day, because ... well, you know.

By John Dough from Lisbon on 06-11-2020 11:31

Have you ever heard such a load of old rubhish. Are these people really running this country or have the lunatics finally taken over the asylum.

By Martin from Lisbon on 06-11-2020 09:09
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