According to Lusa News Agency, the current period of state of emergency started at 00:00 am on 9 September and ends at 11:59 on 23 November and should be declare by the President of the Republic again, to take place again between 24 November and 8 December.

The text requesting authorisation from parliament to renew the state of emergency allows restrictive measures to be taken to contain the covid-19 in municipalities, including a prohibition on circulation during certain periods or days of the week, and states that “the possibility of ending employment contracts of workers in services and establishments integrated in the National Health Service can be restricted”, according to Lusa.

PCP, ENP, Chega, Liberal Initiative and the non-registered deputy Joacine Katar Moreira, voted against.

Furthermore, according to Lusa, the Minister of Internal Administration said that it is almost certain that the Assembly of the Republic will have to approve in the next two weeks another extension of the state of emergency.