The original decree, published on Saturday, establishes a ban on movement on public road on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, between 1pm and 5am, in the municipalities of very high risk and extreme spread of covid-19. However, the decree reserves the possibility of "trips to the grocery stores and supermarkets and other establishments selling food and hygiene products, for people and animals", and it is now clarified that this does not apply to access to cultural events and equipment, as had been originally published.

Additionally, exceptions are considered work trips, for health reasons, assistance to the elderly, among others. The novelty in relation to cultural spectacles, which were already outside the exceptions of circulation in periods of curfew, is that they are now prevented from serving as justification to circulate between municipalities in times of prohibition of such. Contrary to what happened on the last weekend of October and All Saints Day, in which circulation between municipalities was also prohibited, no trips will be allowed to attend cultural shows.

According to the Government decree regulating the application of the new state of emergency due to the pandemic of covid-19 that comes into force on Wednesday, it will be prohibited to move out of the house between 11pm on the 27 November and 5am on the 2 December and between 11pm on the 4 December and 11:59pm on the 8 December "except for health reasons or other reasons of imperative urgency". The decree laid down 10 exceptions to the prohibition of movement between municipalities of mainland Portugal, in particular travel to perform professional functions with a declaration issued by the employer or by the employer himself, in the case of self-employed persons and entrepreneurs on behalf of the individual.