Nick Hallidie founded an association 23-years-ago which is a leading force for the promotion of relations and cooperation between Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom and is one of the best known British organisations in Portugal. The ‘Friends of the British Cemetery, Elvas’ is responsible for preserving British historical heritage in Portugal and Nick Hallidie has tirelessly served as its volunteer Chairman since its foundation. He was the driving force in a group of local British volunteers who led the re-dedication of the British Military Cemetery in Elvas in 1997 which was instrumental in the town being recognised as a World Heritage site in 2012.
Every May, participants from Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom, including serving and retired military personnel, foreign and local dignitaries, come together for a Remembrance Ceremony at the Cemetery to commemorate those who died during the Peninsular War. This war forged a memorable and long-lasting alliance between the Portuguese, Spanish and British military which has been re-kindled in a dignified and now well-established way, thanks to the achievements of Nick Hallidie and the Friends of the British Cemetery, Elvas.