ProPERLA® Facade Coating uses the latest nano technology to repel water and dirt and keep your property dry, clean and attractive. It mimics the super hydrophobic (highly water repellent) and self-cleaning capabilities of the Lotus leaf.

Basically ProPERLA® acts as an insulation barrier on your outside walls, protecting your family and keeping you cozy, dry, warm and safe inside.

A home with proPERLA® is a clean, problem-free home - especially in the winter time. Available in a range of timeless pastel colours with a matt finish perfect for your home.

The application process is simple:

  1. When we arrive at the location, we’ll do a technical inspection on your home walls. This will permit us to identify the problems in your walls, fissures, cracks, moisture, penetrating damp, decay…
  2. After identifying the problem areas our team will prepare those areas to be treated and do a chemical cleaning. This way we can fix the problem from the root.
  3. Since we have all the wall uncovered we’ll proceed with the repair of cracks and application of high-quality cement in the areas to be treated.
  4. Once the walls are covered with new cement and repaired they are ready to receive the first and only coat of invisible primer, this will serve as a “glue” so proPERLA® can adhere even better!
  5. After the primer, our outside team will do two layer of proPERLA® façade coating application, on your walls.
  6. Since the proPERLA® façade coating is already drying on your walls, our outside team, is proud to be cleaning all areas that they worked in.