UK to announce hotel quarantine for Britons returning from Portugal

in News, UK · 27-01-2021 11:00:00 · 6 Comments

The British government will today announce plans for limited hotel quarantine for Britons returning from Portugal and 29 other high-risk countries covered by a travel ban.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson meanwhile rejected calls by home secretary Priti Patel for a temporary closure of borders, after he had pushed for a travel ban to stop potentially vaccine-resistant strains of coronavirus being imported into the country.

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in first week of feburary portugal had many cases uk put portugal in red list i have been observing for two week ..covid cases reducing sharply and daily deaths rate also falling down day by day uk must be review about their decision ..and portugal must be out of red list ...

By rajinder singh from Lisbon on 28-02-2021 07:45

Business as usual... This way hotel's have their income guaranteed!
Portugal has been in lockdown and closed borders for 2weeks now, doesn't make any sense! Portugal is actually dealing with the British variant of covid 19, instead of Brazilian or South African, but anyway, once again, Boris Johnson looking in the wrong direction...

By Barbara from UK on 10-02-2021 01:28

This is ridiculous. Why can’t we wear a tag to ensure we are not breaking quarantine. Is this a case of the UK Government making money from UK residents who want/need to return home

By Kathy from Algarve on 04-02-2021 09:12

Where has the flu gone? I suppose it's taking a break and letting covid do its thing. Not all humans are dumb sheep, I suppose big govern-ment will learn that the hard way.

By Mini mouse from Açores on 28-01-2021 05:20

The only reason Portugal is on the Hotel Quarantine list is because it was allowing flights into Lisbon from Brazil- Portugal has now banned all flights in from Brazil so there is no reason that Portugal is the only European nation on the hotel list and should be removed immediately to the status of 10 day quarantine and negative Covid result for entry into UK

By Anthony Foxwell from UK on 28-01-2021 02:39

So for those of us who have had numerous flights cancelled and have been trying to stay safe in Portugal we will now be incarcerated on our eventual return to the UK. For the privilege of being locked up, we will be charged extortionate amounts of money. So the likely costs for a couple are 2 X covid tests pre flight =£200 plus 10 days in Guantamo central £1500 . Total cost nearly £2000 for the privilege. If the UK treated it's convicted prisoners like this there would be a massive outcry but it's ok to do this to numerous frustrated travellers who have been trying to get home.
I would be quite prepared to wear a tag to ensure that I am isolating at the location that I provide to the authorities. There is absolutely no need to lock me up.
Less posturing and more innovation would not go amiss.

By Steve from Algarve on 27-01-2021 04:50
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