Climate change “pandemic” will be won or lost in cities

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The prime minister, António Costa, has warned that in addition to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is another “enormous pandemic on a global scale”, climate change, which can only be “won or lost” in cities.

”After the past pandemic, there is a huge pandemic on a global scale, which is climate change, which continues to have to be fought. This pandemic can only be won or lost in the cities because it is in the cities that 75 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are concentrated”, he stressed.

António Costa, who was speaking at the ceremony to launch the international public tender for the design of the new bridge, exclusive to the metro, which was held at the Crystal Palace Gardens in Porto, considered it necessary to “start building for the tomorrow of the Portuguese”.

“Because there is a tomorrow, there is an after Covid-19,” he stressed.

According to the Prime Minister, in that “tomorrow” there will continue to be “an enormous pandemic on a global scale” - climate change -, which can only be “won or lost” in cities.

As for the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the head of the Portuguese Government alluded to the beginning of the easing of lockdown.

“We have started with the first step, the first phase of a new easing of lockdown after a terrible third wave, but Covid-19 is not gone,” he warned.

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Been dealing with liberal marxist Democrat man made climate change since the 1970s with computer hoax models that where wrong then and now. Climate has always been changing and Man influences is small but Volcanos can have. big influence on sun light. Can government stop a volcano if not what use are they.

The first BIG hoax by fake news and Government employees was back in 1970 with Man made cooling and Ozone was being destroyed by Freon 12 and had to ban it because it was destroying the Ozone.

Hoaxes work on Liberal government and they ban Freon 12 all a fraud. There was NO way Freon could hurt the Ozone and you do not hear about it today. Then cooling hoax stopped for things where warming UP not cooling. So they had to make up a new fraud that was like this Covid response for power and money. Then in the late 1980s we got Man made warming computer models and government started saying we have stop the weather and government can do it but since they cannot they spent lots of money trying and make group very rich but another larger group poor.

Liberals in Hollywood made a scare movie a hoax movie saying it real Man made warming and what happen computer models predicted wrong but got lot of money for them so government can scare people to give up freedom to State employee liars. Man made climate change and if that is true can we make it warmer and have more rain at times. We had computer models projection about this covid flu virus all wrong. That lie sold lot of NYT news papers and air time for Government make fed employees very rich over this computer model of death which was ALL made up for money. The computer model people got money from government to lie

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 19-04-2021 03:20

I was glad to read that prime minister Costa has spoken out about the climate crisis and the role that cities have in either adding to the problem or being a big part of the solution. Of course, tackling the issues that climate change is already causing should be just as much a priority for scientists, governments and populations, as any pandemic we are suffering. Climate change affects the whole world and everyone and everything living in it, and it could be easily argued that it should be the number one priority.

By Steve Andrews from Other on 24-03-2021 10:24
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