Masks to stay until at least July

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The use of masks in the street due to Covid-19 will continue to be mandatory at least until July and Parliament will approve the extension of the law, in force since October 2020.

The PSD has tabled a proposal to extend the law for a month and in the Constitutional Affairs committee, the president, Luís Marques Guedes, suggested that this deadline should be extended to 5 July.

Because it is "very unlikely" that the Directorate-General of Health (DGS) will change this rule by the end of June, argued Marques Guedes.

Thus, and because there is a consensus between the PSD and PS, the committee will make a substitute text for the mandatory use of masks to be extended for a further three more months, from 5 April to 5 July, and that will then be voted by members in plenary.

In December, parliament had already approved the extension of the mandatory wearing of masks on the street for another three months.

The law has been in force since 28 October, initially with a 70-day period of validity until 5 January, and was extended until 5 April.

The diploma determines that it is compulsory to wear a mask (which cannot be replaced by a visor) for those over ten years old to access, circulate or remain in public spaces and public roads "whenever the physical distance recommended by the health authorities is impractical".

This requirement may be waived "in relation to persons who are part of the same household, when they are not in the proximity of third parties "or upon presentation of a medical certificate of multipurpose incapacity or medical declaration stating that the medical condition or cognitive impairment does not allow the use of masks”.

The use of masks is also not compulsory when "incompatible with the nature of the activities that people are performing".

Supervision "is the responsibility of the security forces and municipal police" and non-compliance of the use of a mask constitutes an administrative offence, punishable by a fine of between €100 and €500.

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It's not the first time that you are not correct about this but you may have forgotten.... Perhaps it's easy to copy/translate/paste text from national newspapers but please read carefully before you publish. The title is insinuating something which is not yet decided upon. Earlier on you also suggested that visors are not allowed. If only you would check the law you would read that it's always masks OR visors and that you're required to wear these on the street only IF A DISTANCE OF 2 METER can't be maintained. Please rectify your article; it's misleading.

By Ana Perreira from Algarve on 20-03-2021 05:41

Does Portugal think that tourists are going to be flocking here for summer tourism if the wife and all the kids need to wear masks / face diapers in the sweltering summer July heat for the whole vacation? I think not.

By Michael Wayne Knight from UK on 19-03-2021 03:28
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