"Please be informed that, as for the functioning of show rooms and cultural facilities, the rules contained in Guideline 028 / DGS, of 28 May remain in force", says IGAC in a note published on 26 March on its official website.

According to the Government's new 'deconfinment plan', announced on 11 March, theatres, auditoriums and cinemas may reopen from 19 April.

The guidance of the DGS, of May 28, 2020, defines that in theatres and cinemas there must be “a free space between spectators, who do not live in the same house, with the previous and next row occupying different places”.

The use of a mask is mandatory for the public, as well as the cleaning of spaces between shows or sessions.

In the case of rooms with stages, "the first two rows next to the stage should not be occupied or, alternatively, the distance of at least two meters between the stage mouth and the first occupied row must be guaranteed".

The public entrances and exits must take place over an extended period and “have their own separate circuits” and, “whenever possible”, the access doors to the spaces must remain open.

DGS also advises that shows and film screenings do not include "breaks during sessions".

In the case of concert halls and theatres where there are cabins, these can only be occupied by people from the same household, when they have six or fewer seats, and those with a capacity greater than six seats can be occupied, applying the rules of the other locations in the room.

DGS guidance on the use of cultural equipment can be consulted at: https://covid19.min-saude.pt/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/i026499.pdf.