Rapid vaccination centres from May

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The 150 rapid vaccination centres against Covid-19 will start operating at the beginning of May, according to the coordinator of the task force for the vaccination programme in Portugal.

Questioned by members of the parliamentary committee on Health, Vice Admiral Henrique Gouveia e Melo began by stating that the 150 centres will open on 11 April, but said that "what is at stake is to have these centres operating from the beginning of May".

Gouveia e Melo said that the means for hiring the personnel needed for these units are currently being negotiated, with an estimated number of 2,500 nurses, 400 doctors and 2,300 assistants.

Gouveia Melo said that the professionals will essentially be from the National Health Service (NHS), but others will be hired from outside of the NHS if necessary.

"The idea is to use up to 20 percent of the nurses that are in primary health care, as you know there are 9,000 nurses, so 20 percent is 1,800 nurses and then add to these 1,800, the nurses that are needed and human resources that are needed for the rapid vaccination posts," he said.

According to the official, in the rapid vaccination posts, the efficiency of the process is four times higher than the vaccination in normal health centres.

"With the same human resources we manage to have a much higher efficiency in this process, besides the convenience, besides the physical safety, because they are done in large airy spaces, which allows for greater safety and physical distance," argued Gouveia e Melo.

Left Bloc MP Moisés Ferreira considered it to be "a little paradoxical", at a time when the Portuguese Nurses' Union says that there are almost 2,000 professionals in precarious situations with the risk of being sent away from the NHS, that the coordinator of the task force says it is necessary to hire thousands of professionals, including nurses.

"Maybe there is an obvious solution here, which is not to dismiss the nurses who are in a precarious situation, but to give them a dignified and stable contract so that they can also ensure this contracting", defended the Bloquista MP.

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the covid scam is a criminal enterprise loved by politicians(criminals). they OWN you.

By rodric reese from USA on 22-07-2021 02:48

I am 68 and live in Quinta a do Conde and recently received an email from GRIS LVT about scheduling my appointment for vaccination. She wanted my phone number. I said that I would prefer email notification but was told this is not available. I asked which vaccine it would be, which is very important to me because I do not want the Pfizer vaccine having seen a BBC report saying people with allergies should not have it, but the person who had emailed me didn't know. Surely we need to know what vaccines we are being offered here?

By Steve Andrews from Other on 16-04-2021 01:42

Where are the 150 rapid vaccination centres located?
There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to the roll out of the vaccine.
On west coast my medical centre has no idea when they will get their allocation, whereas another medical centre in this region has been vaccinating people in my age group for more than 2 weeks. Also, why would a 51 yo man with no medical issues already have his first jab in Palmela? As I said - no rhyme or reason to it.

By Lauree Lennon from Lisbon on 11-04-2021 08:10

Hello everybody,

Need to know about actual veccination periods and timing for a 75 and 68 years old couple residing in Tavira but presently in Italy for Easter holidays.
Can anyone inform dates and places for taking the shots from Tavira or nearby?
Thank you

By Giuliano Bertolazzi from Algarve on 09-04-2021 02:08

I am 75 and resident of Tavira but presently I am still in Italy as flights back to Tavira in January after Christmas period were stopped and still are.
I am told it will be possible to return to Tavira via Faro Airport early May so I am getting ready for it together with my wife.
I ask anyone that can give a reliable answer when I could get the vaccination at any centre in Algarve early /mid May and if I can make my booking for timing and place.
I am 75 year old and hold a Stent at second coronary plus plateletspenia and other minor disturbances caused by Prostatic adenoma requiring treatment .

I wait a sound and reliable reply by anyone responsible and knowledgeable of the present and early May situation based also on the article published herewith.
Thank you in adavance for your kind reply .
Giuliano Bertolazzi

By Giuliano Bertolazzi from Algarve on 09-04-2021 02:04
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