The intention was stated by the State Secretary for Cinema, Audiovisual and Media, Nuno Artur Silva, in a presentation session of new resources and re-launching of the National Cinema Plan, at Cinemateca, in Lisbon.

Nuno Artur Silva spoke of the expectation that there will be conditions "to proceed with the digitalisation of all Portuguese cinema and the provision of equipment, digital projection machines in all the cinemas in the country".

On the 22nd, the Government submitted to Brussels the RRP, which allocates 243 million Euros (ME) to the Culture sector, with 150 million Euros for heritage requalification and 93 million Euros for "cultural networks and digital transition".

In this aspect, the RRP provides for the "modernisation of the technological infrastructure of the cultural equipment network" such as "theatres, cinematheatres, cinematheque, museums, art centres, libraries, Torre do Tombo, the National Library, conservation and restoration laboratories, the National Archive of the Moving Image and the installation of the National Sound Archive".

The RRP also includes the "digitisation of arts and heritage" and "the internationalisation, modernisation and digital transition of the book and authors".

"It will give an absolutely extraordinary capacity to the exhibition of cinema" and covering the whole territory, whether on an island in the Azores or in Bragança. "Where there are theatres there will be digital equipment and there will be the possibility of seeing Cinemateca heritage", said Nuno Artur Silva.

The preservation, restoration, digitalisation and promotion of the Portuguese film heritage are four of the missions of the Cinemateca Portuguesa - Museum of Cinema, in particular through the National Archive of the Moving Image and the film restoration laboratory, unique in the Iberian Peninsula.

The priority of "capacitating the auditoriums" listed by Nuno Artur Silva should also be articulated with the announced Network of Theatres and Cineteatres, whose creation was enacted in 2019 by the President of the Republic and which is still in the process of materialisation.

The Government approved, in the Council of Ministers, the decree-law that creates and regulates the support to the programming of the theatres and cineteatres that integrate the Network of Portuguese Theatres and Cineteatres.