German red list decision "may be followed by other countries"

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The largest association of hotel entrepreneurs in the Algarve said yesterday that Germany's decision to force a quarantine on those arriving in the country from Portugal “has frustrated expectations” for this summer.

"As long as Germany is the second largest market of tourists to the Algarve, the decision compromises all the expectations we had of being able to have a better summer than last year", said to Lusa Elidérico Viegas, president of the Association of Hotels and Touristic Enterprises of the Algarve (AHETA).

Health authorities in Germany on Friday placed Portugal on the red list due to the increase in the incidence rate of the risk of Covid-19, which will force all travelers coming from Portuguese territory to a 14-day quarantine.

The decision will take effect at 00:00 on 29 June, and the quarantine period will be mandatory, even with a negative test, proof of complete vaccination or proof of immunity.

For the president of the Algarve's largest association of hotels, the German decision "is another blow to the expectations that entrepreneurs had for this summer, already having British and Portuguese restrictions on people traveling between those two countries."

"The German market is not as big as the British market, but it is the second most important foreign market for the Algarve, with hotels that work exclusively with this market," he recalled.

Elidérico Viegas said he was unaware of the impact that the German decision had in terms of cancelled reservations in the Algarve, "due to the fact that the German market works largely directly with tour operators".

The president of AHETA said he fears that the German decision to place Portugal on the red list "may be followed by other countries considered also as important foreign markets for sending tourists to the Algarve".

“Given the current reality of the moment, the forecasts that we had this summer to be much better than last year's are frustrated and quite compromised”, he highlighted.

Elidérico Viegas added that hoteliers "still have expectations that the Covid-19 digital vaccination certificate "can contribute to increasing the movement of people in the European Union, facilitating the opening to tourism."

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I would like to know how much money the Portuguese politicians from the government get for those decisions. Got 1.7 billion from the EU and shutting down the country another time for what? "Some" not hurting cases, no problems in the health system, no trouble in the hospitals, no needed emergency situation... When will português people fight for their freedom and rights?

By York Rapp from Lisbon on 02-07-2021 03:36

Portugal wouldn't be bullied by Germany and France into increasing restrictions on the UK.This is their response. response.

By Mandy from Algarve on 01-07-2021 07:29

One step forward , two steps back......
Those up top are a complete joke !

By Cesar G. from Porto on 30-06-2021 11:37

Germany ruling the roost again. Don't know why we cow tow to them!

By Julie from Algarve on 30-06-2021 10:55

China is already buying it, desperate Costa has stupidly jumped at the Chinese Belt and Road initiative, selling his countrymen down then drain and encouraging Chinese investment. China sees Portugal as the EUs weakest link, desperate for cash and easy to exploit, much like the pacific islands in the Southern Hemisphere. Portuguese citizens need to wake up to the Chinese agenda and stop golden visas for Chinese also.

By Maria from Lisbon on 29-06-2021 08:01

They will destroy your country and China will buy it for almost nothing. EU is criminal mafia

By Latoysha Adams from USA on 29-06-2021 05:42
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