“The European Commission has been notified and is analyzing whether the measures taken by Germany in relation to Portugal are proportional or not,” the source at the institution told Lusa.

The clarification comes after Germany classified Portugal last Friday as an area with "worrying variants", namely due to the spread of the Delta strain.

We proposed the adoption of other mechanisms, such as tests and quarantines, but defending that bans or similar measures on travel should be avoided”, recalled the European commissioner of tutelage, when asked specifically about the German ban on Portugal.

"[In these previous situations], we were able to make progress in several Member States, starting with Germany a few months ago, but also Belgium, Sweden and Hungary, which have moved towards creating a system without travel bans."

“As far as the German situation is concerned, we will verify exactly the information that has been communicated to us, but we will also have to compare this with a recommendation, adopted by the Member States”, said Didier Reynders.

Brussels may put pressure on Germany about the ban travel from Portugal, but the last word is always from Berlin.