Janssen vaccine may cause fainting

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A responsible person from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said on 15 July that he still does not have specific knowledge of the episodes of adverse reactions to the Janssen vaccine in Portugal, but noted that fainting and syncope “are not uncommon” side effects.

During an EMA press videoconference, and when asked about cases of adverse reactions among several users who were administered the Janssen vaccine at the Covid-19 Vaccination Center in Mafra, the agency's head assured that these cases will be analysed carefully, but pointed out that “it may well correspond to a well-described side effect”, of syncope or fainting, especially among young people.

“Obviously, we are closely following all the new safety information regarding all vaccines. I have no specific knowledge of this set of events in Portugal, but of course we will analyze it in detail”, start to say saying Georgy Genov.

The EMA's head of pharmacovigilance then noted that “it is not uncommon among young people to observe episodes of syncope or fainting as side effects of vaccination.

“So it may well correspond to a well-described side effect, but it's certainly something we'll look into,” he said.

Infarmed announced on Wednesday that it is investigating the quality of Janssen vaccines made available at the Covid-19 Vaccination Center in Mafra after users passed out after being vaccinated.

The national drug authority explains that the measures come "following the cases of adverse reactions (syncope), reported with the Janssen vaccine, at the Mafra vaccination center".

According to that health authority, "so far, suspicions of defect in the quality of this batch have not been reported in other vaccination centers where it is being used".

“Infarmed decided to start a process of investigation of the quality of the remaining units of the vaccine in that place of vaccination, as well as suspending this batch until the necessary investigations are concluded”, he announced.

"Given the suspension of a batch of Janssen brand vaccines (…) and the consequent reduction in the availability of vaccines, it was decided to immediately suspend the vaccination without appointment modality”, according to a note from the Vaccination Task Force

The Task Force of the vaccination plan stresses that the “vaccination without appointment modality will be resumed “as soon as possible”.

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NO side effects at all. I am 74

By Katherine Schack from USA on 16-07-2021 09:52

Hi everyone,

I'm Peter, the author of the first comment and athough I am not pro-vaccine, I still would do this one again, no hesitation.

Vaccines work and fainting, being cold, fever, muscle pain (all happened to me the night after posting the first comment) are all known side effects, it means that your body reacts to it.

They are not hazardous, not lethal, I didn't feel like I was going to die (absurd). There is nothing that showed anything like this and the majority of the people that is not taking it mostly base their decision on fear.

I understand why someone would not want to take the vaccine but there isn't any conspiracy, it's only fear, which you can control by gathering knowledge about all this, from real sources.

I got the symptoms, I was extremely cold, opened my laptop, saw it was a known side effect and remained calm during the whole process. It's the lack of knowledge that makes you not take this vaccine, the simple fact of hearing something like: "hey this vaccine was released much faster than others, must be crap". Surely if you read a bit more about this you would understand what happened and why it makes sense to vaccinate.

If you can say a vaccine is bad because some people fainted or got fever after taking it you probably have no idea of what a vaccine is, and I highly suggest reading about them (not on Twitter).

Again I am not a pro-vaxxer, this pro/anti thing shouldn't even exist and is just the last generation's new trend. Science works, b*****!

Last but not least I will not go into any debate or answer anything here. In fact I most likely will not come back to this article, I just wanted to make sure that my comment wasn't seen as a "proof" that the vaccine is bad and that people knew that I would do it again, because these are simply side effects and sometimes it can be the cost of getting rid of a disease. And that's cheap.

By Peter from Lisbon on 16-07-2021 08:17

Happened to me today, in Mafra. I fainted about 7 minutes after taking the J&J shot. I laid on the bed, feet up for 30 minutes, sat on a chair for a couple more minutes after that and could return home later.
I now have light headaches. Mostly feeling good. I'm under 35.

By Peter from Lisbon on 15-07-2021 09:42

Why the idiot people recommend this vaccine if you don't know it. You should go for pizer but you vaccination center in faro insist for this rubbish vaccine in faro...you should be sued by the side effects,playing with people's life.

By Muhammad from Algarve on 15-07-2021 05:30

We’ll look into it, and after we know more about it, we won’t make our findings public. Oh look, the Lambda Variant is infecting South Africa. We need to discuss a third jab.

By Daco from Algarve on 15-07-2021 04:31

Keep it away from me.
I won't be having any of this stuff.

By Nuno from Lisbon on 15-07-2021 03:37

Can the normal ones of us in society shed light on those who are still pro-vaccination and get them to ask how on earth are these vaccines pushed onto us supposedly as cures end up be hazardous to health and many a times lethal.

By Fiona from Lisbon on 15-07-2021 03:33

Welcome to the 'New Abnormal' !
Where nothing makes sense...
... and the "Absurd" is the daily norm.

By Cesar G. from Porto on 15-07-2021 03:29
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