The clarification was made by the 'task-force' which coordinates the vaccination process, in response to the Lusa agency. “Users aged 16 and 17, who have not booked themselves, can still be vaccinated on the weekend of 14 and 15 August using the open house system of digital passwords”, says the ‘task-force’.

Currently, the method that allows vaccination without an appointment, requires obtaining a digital password, is available for people aged 18 and over, but the team decided to make an exception for the days when the process will focus on the youngest . Around 102 thousand users between 17 and 16 years old are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, approximately half of the population in this age group.

According to ‘task-force’, during these two days all vaccination centers are at their maximum installed capacity, but in addition to the appointments, the “Open House” modality will also be available. To take advantage of the digital password system, the user must access the portal ( and take a password on the same day they want to be vaccinated, obligatorily to a Vaccination Center located in your municipality of residence.

When requesting the digital password, the user must check in advance on this portal ( if the intended vaccination center has the "green traffic light". The opening hours of the "open house" can be found at

In response to Lusa, the team responsible for the vaccination process also states that it has, if necessary, some strategies identified, with the aim of allowing younger people to be called into the vaccination process”, without needing to give further details.