I ask that you make every possible effort to truly understand the true meaning of Love. In deep gratitude, I now bow before the immortal Threefold Flame of Life cradled within the sacredness of your hearts.

The Threefold Flame is Pink, Yellow and Blue representing Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power. It is the quiet voice we sometimes hear in our heart – our heart intelligence. By focusing on Unconditional Love, Divine Wisdom and Spiritual Power we increase our spiritual awareness and our personal light that eventually allows us to come into Unity with our Mighty “I AM Presence” that is our Divine Spark.

The presence of that flame within your hearts signifies to all life everywhere that you are a divine being. God, through your “I AM Presence”, is invested in you and has some activity to perform through you, for the expansion of perfection from the Heart of the Creator, as a gift and radiance to bless your fellowmen.

Through the love, which I, Paul the Venetian, can direct into your own heart flame, I hope to encourage you to believe that the divine plan will come forth and manifest in your personal life and on this planet as you apply yourself to become “Love incarnate.”

Love should not be qualified with sentimentality, which is erratic and unsettled. Pure Divine Love is unconditional, changeless and constant. It is the one virtue of the Universal I AM Presence, into which all the other virtues blend. Love is the highest expression of the nature of God, and in time, will be the highest expression of man. Divine Love, unlike human love, is not grasping, but giving. The substance of divine love is the power behind creation, as well as the sustenance of such creation.

Divine Love is a natural activity of the expansion of God. As we go up the ladder of spiritual evolution, there is a constant expansion of light, virtues and gifts of God through every Divine Being who has been created. It has often been said: “All the world loves a lover,” but “human love” is merely a shadow of divine Love which is an expression of the Third Ray.

Divine Cosmic Love knows no barriers and sends forth its pink essence everywhere to enfold the whole planet. When you allow the consciousness of Divine Love to rule your life, you become a magnet for love, and most important, to radiate this love to all life around you.

One way to expand the consciousness of love within you is through the application of the attitude of Gratitude. When you express your Gratitude to God, to your “I AM Presence” and your Higher Mental Body (also called your Holy Christ Self), to all aspects of the various body systems, to any part of life, you increase and expand your blessings.

The law of creation, manifestation and multiplication is fuelled and activated by the feeling and expression of Gratitude.

As soon as you allow your mental and feeling world to slip outside the presence of your own Love Flame and divinity, you are apt to feel the impact of others who unwisely do the same. But if you live within that Flame of Love, you will not experience that which would throw you out of balance Beloveds, never underestimate the power of your Heart Flame. When you allow it to be ignited by the fires of your Love, it becomes the power which moves the body as well as mountains. It becomes the blessings that pour from your heart through the glorious voice of your Presence. It is the light that shines so brightly that shows the pathway for others to find love. It becomes the energy that fuels your power centres to create “miracles” of healing, precipitation, teleportation, rejuvenation and every good and perfect gift enjoyed by those of us in the Light Realm.

Next week we will touch on Tips for Regaining Your Natural Beauty, Youthfulness and Immortality through the Cosmic Love Flame.

From The Book “The Seven Sacred Flames” By Aurelia Louis Jones.