You will find in these writings everything you need to know and integrate to qualify for your Ascension. If only you choose to seriously apply the wisdom herein and fully become it, letting go of all fears and preconceived ideas you have regarding your true nature, your pathway will certainly unfold with the greatest Ease and Grace. You are the ones, beloved friends, who create all the difficulties and complexities in the process of "becoming again" what you have always been.

Beloveds, realize that it is not so complicated and difficult to become an Ascended Master if only you allow yourself, without your usual resistance, to naturally "Be" in the flow of your divinity. A Divine being in an incarnated experience is truly what you are; it is your birthright and natural state. You have never been anything else! Allow the nudging of your beloved I AM Presence to rule your heart, to rule your life in total trust, and let go of your resistance and fears.

It is important for me to bring to your attention that we have been observing you and humanity very closely for a long time. From our perspective of Love and Limitlessness, it is obvious to all of "Us" on this side of the veil, that humanity in general, including most of those who have applied for Ascension in this life, share a common problem you are not aware of. Whether you are willing to admit it or not, the fact remains that most of you, if not all, hold a great fear of your "I AM Presence" and of embracing your divinity.

You have been relentlessly programmed over the centuries and millennia by those of the shadow side, who have ruled various aspects of your planet, to fear what you do not fully understand, and to reject or fight it. Your souls are profoundly imprinted with that erroneous signature of fear. You have also been imprinted with the belief that you are a poor sinner, not worthy of Love, and certainly not worthy to be a true "Son of God," an equal to the Christ within you now wishing to externalize. You have all been imprinted with the thoughts and feeling of unworthiness, despair and hopelessness.

Master Saint Germain

Your I AM Presence is you Divine Spark that is One with God - Do not limit its Power

Please, beloved ones, become re-acquainted with that the glorious Presence of which you are an essence, "The Magic Presence." Its wonderful omnipotent powers are willing and ready to act through you at all times. As your human self, you could not possibly attempt to rehabilitate the human race. Of course not! But your Presence can! Your infinite, individualized "I AM Presence" has sustained you for eons of time and desires to bring into your world the wonders of the Universe.

When the incarnated soul voluntarily disconnects itself from conscious contact with that Presence, the "I AM" continues, in graciousness and kindness, pouring its streams of Light and Life energy into your physical heart, to sustain your incarnation with the use of intelligence, emotional feeling, power of thought, memory and physical action.

Your Presence and mine are not limited in any way. They are ONE in action, in glorious perfection, all-knowing and capable of instantly directing a million or a billion rays of transcendent light into whatever condition, place or person requires assistance. Will you not raise your deep and sincere attention to that Presence and make it feel you are now ready and willing to work consciously with it again?

When you do this, your Presence will turn its attention to you, the stream of Light will widen and your capacity to serve will increase through that renewed partnership. From the heart of that Presence, you can direct those mighty rays of intelligent light, including the Violet Fire, to all life everywhere which you may have injured or been injured by. It can go back in time from the moment the shadows of human creation first began to fall upon this dear Earth. At your call, your Presence will gladly clear and balance in one hour, and perhaps in just one moment any debt you may have incurred with any lifestream, whether embodied now or not.

From The Book “ The Seven Sacred Flames “ By Aurelia Louise Jones.

The Violet Flame of Transmutation

The Violet Flame can immediately and automatically transmute all negative thoughts, feelings and energies.

Main God qualities and actions of the Violet Flame:

Freedom, Transmutation, Transformation, Diplomacy, Ceremony and Application of the Science of true Alchemy

Day when is amplified: Saturday

Corresponding Chakra: Seat of the Soul Colour: Violet
Corresponding Stones: Amethyst, Violet Fluorite

Chohan of the Seventh Ray:

Master Saint Germain, also known as the God of Freedom

His Retreat: Transylvania, Romania and the Great Violet Flame Temple, Jackson Peak, Wyoming, USA.

Archangels of the Seventh Ray with Divine Complement:

Zadkiel and Amethyst
Their Retreats: Over the Island of Cuba

Elohim of the Seventh Ray with Divine Complement:

Arcturus and Victoria