Embodiments of Lord Serapis Bey

• Serapis Bey was embodied as a high priest in the Ascension Temple on Atlantis more than 11,500 years ago. He is the one who brought the Ascension Flame from Atlantis to Egypt just prior to the destruction of that continent.

• Serapis Bey spent many lifetimes along the Nile, and as the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep III, (1417-1379 BC), he was called “the Magnificent.” He brought Egypt to the height of diplomatic prestige, prosperity and peace. His extensive building of monuments, palaces and temples included construction of the Temple of Luxor.

• His most familiar incarnation was Leonidas, King of Sparta, the great warrior who led the Spartans in the famous battle at Thermopylae, Greece.

• Serapis Bey ascended around 400 B.C.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, with the great Love of my Heart, I send to each one who reads this material the blessings of Luxor and of Telos. Realize, beloved ones, that never in the history of the Earth, has the opportunity for humanity to attain the freedom of their glorious Ascension been offered with so much ease and grace in this wondrous time of preparation for your planet’s Ascension. An exceptional window of opportunity is presented to those of humanity who wish to gain their spiritual freedom and who are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

I am not proclaiming that it will be entirely easy for everyone. My promise to you is that I and the large teams of the Ascension Brotherhood of Luxor and of Telos stand ready to support and coach with much love and compassion those who will seriously commit to their evolution. Yes, many of you will face temporary challenges from time to time, but if you face them with surrender, devotion, joy, enthusiasm, and the attitude of gratitude for the exceptional opportunity offered to you at this time, be assured that the rest of your path does not have to be difficult.

It all has to do with the perceptions and reactions you feel regarding what presents itself in your life as an opportunity to align past karma and integrate the lessons you need to learn in order to become an Ascended Master. Though the initiations are basically the same for everyone, they manifest in a different way for each lifestream according to the unique pathway and one’s own level of initiation and evolution.

Know, beloved ones, that once you have made a serious commitment to your Ascension, all heaven is at your beck and call to assist you in a most wondrous way. In former times, the Ascension was extremely difficult to attain. With the new dispensation now given to humanity by your Creator, the pathway basically remains the same, but you now have so much more assistance available to you and so much more information that those in the past did not have access to.

Luxor and Telos are waiting for your return. Most of you have come to both places many times, but many of you left, fearing that it would be too difficult. And you are still here on the surface of Earth, often in pain and despair. Realize that the temporary difficulties on the path are so much easier to bear than the lifetimes of pain and struggle you experienced once you embraced the illusion that you could not do it.

In fact, I say to all of you that if you are really serious about ascending in this life and if you apply all the Laws of Love with absolute constancy and perseverance, “you can do it.” With our help and with the help of your “I AM Presence” and your “Higher Mental Body,” nothing is impossible. In fact, it is not only possible but most desirable for your evolution that you do not stay behind in the third dimension very long after the Earth’s Ascension. This is my promise to you that we will match your efforts in assisting each one of you. We love you all very dearly and our dedication to assist you is so absolute! Once you discover the real truth about Ascension, you will no longer hesitate to let go of the outmoded lifestyles you have accepted as “normal,” and prepare yourself to live as a true Child of God.

On behalf of those of the Ascension Brotherhood of Luxor who serve with me in that Holy Purpose of holding the Sacred Energies of the Ascension Flame, we send to all of you who read our words of Wisdom, our deepest Love and Mantle of Peace.

I AM Serapis Bey from the Ascension Temple of Luxor!

The Fourth Ray ~

The Ascension Flame of Purification

Main God qualities and actions of the Fourth Ray:

Purity, wholeness, Christ consciousness and becoming God through the consciousness of the Divine Mother.

Day when is amplified:


Corresponding Chakra:

Base of the Spine



Corresponding Stones:

Azurite, Snow quartz

Chohan of the Fourth Ray:

Lord Seraphis Bay

His Retreat:

The Great Hall of Ascension Temple at Luxor, Egypt

Archangels of the Fourth Ray with Divine Complement:

Gabriel and Hope

Their Retreat:

Between Sacramento and Mount Shasta USA

Elohim of the Fourth Ray with Divine Complement:

Purity and Astrea

Their Retreat:

Near Gulf of Archangels,