I invested over 20 years contemplating the qualities of that Sacred Heart and becoming it before my gifts returned to me. And when they externalized, it was because I had invested much time in contemplating my true nature as a Divine Being that I had embodied the great momentum of my Divine Essence. Then the God within allowed me to use my new found mastery and gifts to heal all those who came to me the rest of that incarnation. And believe me, they came by the thousands. I made my Glorious Ascension in the Light from that lifetime, soon after my transition to the other side of the veil.

I chose to leave all worldly pursuits in that life to seek the “Only One” of true value to me. My devotion, my determination, my constancy and my unwavering faith that I would attain the goal of my incarnation bore the fruit of my quest and changed the course of my evolution forever. I was offered my Ascension at the conclusion of that Life, and sometime after, I was offered the privilege of holding the Office of the Chohan of the Flame of Healing for the planet.

This is the precious message I want to convey to all of you today, that to become a “Master of Light” and free yourself from all your human shackles and limitations requires investment in Self. Once you have found the teachings or the books that give you the inspiration and the tools to make your Ascension, you no longer need to shop for more. You need to get busy applying the wisdom from the material and information you already have and forge your mastery with it.

Come to us in the retreats during your sleep time. It will be our great pleasure to teach you and to coach you in the areas you have alignments to make or weaknesses to conquer. We will be happy to become part of your support team on your evolutionary pathway. We have vast pools of knowledge and truth on various subjects of interest, especially on healing and science that we would like to share with you. Those who come are most fascinated with the information and wisdom they can acquire by frequenting our retreat.

All of the Chohans of the Rays and the Brotherhoods of Light work very closely with Adama and the Lemurian Brotherhood of Telos. In fact, at inner levels, they have been guides and helpers of humanity for a long time. Before many of us made our Ascension, it was the Lemurians of Telos who were our closest and most Dedicated Guides and Spiritual Mentors. Now we have joined their teams and we all work together for the wondrous and noble cause of uplifting humanity into its Ascension in the Light. Together, we are dedicated and determined to manifest the return of Life on the surface of the planet as it was during the former Great Golden Ages.

I AM Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray, holding my cup of Love and Healing to you. Will you accept it? Will you prepare your heart and consciousness, diligently and with constancy, to discover the God-within, the greatness of who you are and the wonders that are awaiting you if you apply yourself to attain what we have attained? Are you willing to do whatever it will take to make it happen?

From The Book “The Seven Sacred Flames” By Aurelia Louis Jones.


The Fifth Ray - The Flame of Healing and Manifestation

Main God qualities and actions of the Fifth Ray:

Healing at all levels, truth, constancy, creation through manifestation, God’s abundance through the immaculate heart of Mary.

Day when is amplified:


Corresponding Chakra:

Third Eye



Corresponding Stones:

Emerald, Jade, Chrysoprase,

Ruby Zozyte.

Chohan of the Fifth Ray:

Master Hilarion

His Retreat:

The Temple of Truth, Crete, Greece.

Archangels of the Fifth Ray with Divine Complement:

Raphael and Mother Mary

Their Retreat:

Temple of Healing, Fatima, Portugal.

Elohim of the Fifth Ray with Divine Complement:

Cyclopea and Virginia

Their Retreat:

Altain Range, China.