Beloved brothers and sisters, never underestimate the power of your heart flame. It becomes the energy that fuels your power centres to create “miracles” of healing, precipitation, teleportation, rejuvenation and every good and perfect gift enjoyed by those of us in the Light Realm.

These gifts are yours to own by using the right application of the Laws of Love and Harmony. The difference between your consciousness and the consciousness of where we presently dwell is the degree of mastery in the “application” of the Laws of Love and all the attributes of God through the power of the Sacred Flames.

We learned the mastery of those laws through diligent application over a period of many lifetimes. In your case, with all the tools and assistance you are receiving at this time of Earth’s Ascension, you can accomplish in a few years what took us many lifetimes to attain. In order to fully succeed, you must become passionate about your desire to become Love incarnate through the increase of that fire within your sacred heart. This Love has to become your primary goal, your constant motivation and main reason for being.

We can show you the way, we can repeat our admonitions again and again to nudge and encourage you, but we simply cannot do it for you. I can make suggestions and offer you instructions to assist you in recreating yourself, but it is up to you to create your mastery.

If you welcome me in your heart and ask me, I will direct daily into your consciousness the ideas, the beautiful thought forms from the mind and heart of the Creator that have never been externalized before and which will assist you in embracing and becoming the consciousness of Divine Love.

Tips for Regaining Your Natural Beauty, Youthfulness and Immortality

Think before you speak, act and feel: If you take time to think before you speak, act and feel, it will enable the elements of your bodies to return to their original beauty, harmony and peace. As soon as the pressure of discord is consciously controlled, the divine blueprint of perfection begins to re-establish itself as your Higher Mental Body (or Holy Christ Self) returns the electrons to their natural orbits and frequencies. Those who come to a state of mastery and peace attain great beauty.

Old Age and Disintegration:

The appearance of your physical body is determined by the amount of Light used within the four lower vehicles - the mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies. The natural emanation of Light through those bodies forms the protecting wall of your auric field, known as the Tube of Light. When the electrons move more slowly in their particular organ and cells, they draw less light from the Higher Mental Body and the natural resistance of the individual grows weaker. This initiates what you call “aging.”

When you, as an individual, and the rest of the human race learn to remain harmonious at all times and the energies released through your various bodies is always harmonious and joyful, there will be no such thing as old age or disease. This is how, in the very near future, you will start creating your immortality increment by increment.

Growing More Beautiful as you Grow Older:

When you learn to raise your vibration to a high level of love and harmony, and are able to maintain this frequency, as a way of life, a state of great beauty and harmony will be expressed within your lifestream. The bodies of ascended masters, angelic hosts and other cosmic beings are ever growing finer and more beautiful, as the energy pouring through the electrons is ever charged with more light, love and balance.

How to Draw Light in your Body:

You have been taught the importance of drawing from your Presence the Light that is the food of the inner bodies and the only means by which their vibratory action can be accelerated. This is done, beloved ones, through the magnetic law of attraction. Your attention on the object of your desires becomes a funnel for directing it. As soon as you put your full attention on something and pour love into it, you immediately begin to create and bring into your world the substance upon which you directed your attention.

In order to intensify or increase the vibratory action of your body systems, you have but to put your attention upon any Master or your own I AM Presence. While there, you will naturally charge that substance of Light as mechanically as the battery of the car is by the charger. Simply to lie flat on your bed and visualize that Light pouring through all your body systems for five minutes three times a day would greatly accelerate the vibratory action of all your vehicles. I am Paul the Venetian, your mentor of Love and the Lover of your soul!

From The Book “The Seven Sacred Flames” By Aurelia Louis Jones.