Telma Monteiro's gold medal joins the bronze achieved a little earlier by Catarina Costa, but in the -48kg category.

Telma Monteiro, who was taking part in her first major competition after the Olympic Games in Tokyo2020, a competition in which she was eliminated in the second round, had stated that she wanted to finish the year with a medal, and in Abu Dhabi she took the gold after three bouts.

The 35 year athlete, who is preparing for a new Olympic cycle, with a view to the Paris 2024 Games, put on an impressive performance on her way to the gold.

Initially she beat Faiza Mokdar (48th) from France in the quarter-finals by 'waza-ari', and in the semi-finals she was triumphant over British Acelya Toprak, by 'ippon', before meeting Gneto.

In the final match, against an opponent she had never met, despite the Frenchwoman's 30 years, Telma Monteiro had a balanced 'fight, at least until the last minute and a 'primary' error by Priscila Gneto.

Portugal leaves Abu Dhabi with two medals, with the gold from Telma Monteiro and a bronze for Catarina Costa in the -48 kg category.

The judoka from Coimbra, 12th in the rankings, was also exempt in the first round, and after losing in her debut match, in the quarter finals, against Russian Irina Dolgova (17th), by 'waza -ari', she won both her following matches.

Joana Diogo, the third and last Portuguese judoka registered in Abu Dhabi, lost in her debut at -52kg.