Even though almost the entire population is vaccinated, there are still doubts concerning vaccination certificates that confuse those who live in Portugal.

The countries of the European Union have adopted a way to facilitate circulation within the country and even across borders. Vaccinated, those who have recovered and people with a negative test for Covid-19 have the possibility of receiving a digital certificate that proves their preventive actions against Covid-19.

Vaccine certificate

Regarding the vaccination certificate, it is a certificate with 180 days of validity from its issuance. A vaccinated citizen receives it 14 days after the inoculation of the antiviral. The certificate can be acquired on the SNS24 mobile app or the official online portal found at www.sns24.gov.pt. The renewal of the certificate can be done on the same sites, however, on the SNS24 website, it is advised to request the new certificate before the old one expires.

In Portugal, only certificates relating to people vaccinated with antivirals authorised on the European market are considered valid: Janssen, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer. Vaccination rules vary between countries, so it is advisable to check the legislation in each country, when taking a trip for example.

A completely vaccinated person is someone who has taken a single dose of a vaccine that implies it, or two doses of a vaccine whose vaccine schedule proposes it. An exception is made for people who have previously been infected with Covid-19, who are given only one dose of a vaccine with a two-dose vaccine schedule.


Currently, a certain proportion of the population is receiving the third dose as a booster. In this case, the certificate must be updated 14 days after the administration of the third dose. Until then, the certificate mentioning that two doses were administered, or one, according to the vaccination schedule, remains valid. Those vaccinated with the third dose must request their certificate on the SNS 24 app or the official website. If there is any constraint, people should contact the SNS 24, by telephone number 808 24 24 24 and choose option 5.

In case the person has not been vaccinated but intends to take the first dose, it is still possible. Although the Open House regime is only available to people over 75 years old for the third dose or flu vaccine, through the SNS24 portal, a digital ticket can be requested, scheduling a vaccine inoculation in a vaccination centre. The ticket must be asked for on the day the person intends to be vaccinated.