Speaking to the Lusa agency, Pedro Dionísio - who 20 years ago was part of the organization of the human cord in Timor - explained that today's initiative is promoted by the Association of Ukrainians in Portugal and that, if possible, they would like to be received at the end by the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

“All the Portuguese are watching on television what is happening in Ukraine, a dramatic situation, and I think that everyone can contribute in some way with their action, not staying at home, not just watching television and participating in a human cord for peace that will connect this afternoon, today, at 17:00, the statue of Taras Schevchenko, a Ukrainian poet, which is in Praça de Itália next to the Ermida do Restelo with the Presidency of the Republic, in the Palace of Belém”.

According to Pedro Dionísio, Taras Schevchenko “is a symbol of Ukrainian resistance”, with the meaning of this cord “showing the solidarity of the Portuguese and the Ukrainian community residing in Portugal with Ukraine at this dramatic time”.

“And in some way also contribute to this general protest movement of countries and citizens around the world to continue to spread because we cannot, undaunted, allow this situation to continue and for a people to be martyred,” he said.