According Our World in Data, Portugal had an average of 995 new daily cases per million inhabitants, above the European average of 819 and the world average, which stands at 110.

In the European Union, Cyprus has the highest average, with 1,920 new cases per million inhabitants, followed by France (1,850), Germany (1,340), Luxembourg (1,270) and Austria (1,150).

Globally, and considering only countries or territories with more than one million inhabitants, South Korea has the highest average on this indicator (2,590), followed by Cyprus, France, Australia (1,710) and New Zealand (1,570).

Regarding new deaths per million inhabitants attributed to the disease, Portugal has a daily average of 2.3, slightly below the average of 2.4 that Our World in Data recorded two weeks ago.

The European Union average for this indicator is 1.8 and the world average is 0.3.