In March, Portugal welcomed 23,930 Ukrainians who fled the Russian invasion under temporary protection, a number that, according to provisional data, dropped in April.

According to the European Union (EU) statistical service, in March, the countries that welcomed the most Ukrainian war refugees under the temporary protection regime were Poland (675,085), the Czech Republic (244,650) and Slovakia (58,750).

The figures already available for April indicate, on the other hand, that Portugal recorded the third largest decline (-15,635 people) compared to March, after Poland (-249,465) and Slovakia (-45,310), in a total of seven Member States in which the number of temporary protections granted to Ukrainians dropped.

From March to April, according to preliminary data provided by Eurostat, Bulgaria (30,965) and Lithuania (21,800) recorded the biggest monthly increases in nine member states that saw the Ukrainian refugee population grow between March and April.