Plans are also in place for a floating swimming pool in the marina in front of the site.

According to a report by Expresso, the hotel will be located in a space occupied by four vacant warehouses at Doca de Santo Amaro, next to the 5 Oceanos restaurants.

The restructuring of the site will represent a €12 million investment by the same Portuguese group that renovated an entire block in Cais do Sodré for the Corpo Santo hotel.

“It makes perfect sense to have a hotel here”, Pedro Pinto, General Director of Corpo Santo, told Expresso.

“We believe we have the capacity to create a project that adds value to what already exists here”, he said.

The façade and structure of the warehouses will be maintained, as will the traditional brick. In charge of the project is German architect Martin Dunke from PONTO i studio.

“The structure will remain the same because the hotel’s appeal is rooted in its integration with everything that is characteristic of this area”, Pinto confirmed.

The interiors of the warehouses, which have been vacant since 2017, were demolished for security reasons. The inside of the finished hotel will contain two floors on top of a ground floor which will host a reception and restaurant area, as well as some rooms.

Additionally, Corpo Santo group also await approval for a project to create a floating swimming pool in front of the hotel, in the middle of the marina in Porto de Lisboa.