Recalling that Portugal has already provided “military, lethal and non-lethal material, equipment, ammunition, weapons, but also communications material and health material”, and responded to requests that have arrived, such as first-aid kits, in addition to availability for “receiving wounded Ukrainians”, Helena Carreiras said then that “the possibility of training Ukrainian soldiers and armed forces at various levels is also being considered”.

Admitting that there is still “no concrete request” from the Ukrainian authorities, the minister said that there is a notion that “it is a need that will arise for the Ukrainian Armed Forces”.

“If that's Ukraine's decision - and we always work in that direction, that is, it's according to Ukraine's needs that we respond -, this training can be provided right now, it's not in fact a situation just for the post-war period", she explained.

Portugal is available to train Ukrainian military personnel, having already made an assessment of the type of training it can offer, according to Defense Minister Helena Carreiras.