The new hotel being in Olhão will have 89 rooms and is expected to open in 2023.

According to a statement, the future hotel will be operated by the B&B Hotels group and the investment value of €6 million also includes the renovation of the Ria Shopping centre, the space where the new hotel unit is located.

"Olhão will thus receive, in the spring of next year, a 3-star hotel unit, from B&B Hotels Portugal, with a capacity for 89 rooms", they explain in the Facebook post.

The construction of this new hotel in the Algarve will be carried out by Grupo Casais and will be signed off by the architect José Mário Fernandes. This hotel unit will be part of a set of six hotels from B&B Hotels, a chain that arrived in the Portuguese market in 2018 and currently has 17 units already in operation or under construction in the country.