Provisional data collected so far by the ICNF shows that there were 6,461 rural fires this year, which caused 43,721 hectares of burned area, 51% in forest areas, 38% in bush and 12% in agricultural areas.

On July 8, when the risk of fire worsened with rising temperatures, the ICNF indicated that since January 1, 12,473 hectares had been set on fire, which means that 39,948 hectares burned in 11 days.

According to the report by the Agency for the Integrated Management of Rural Fires (AGIF), in 2021 there were 8,223 rural fires, resulting in 28,415 hectares of burned area.

According to the ICNF, the area burned this year is the largest since 2017, when the Pedrógão Grande fire occurred, and the second largest since 2013.