In a statement, the PCP's Évora Municipality Commission considers that the occurrence of urban pests in cities is a “common phenomenon that must be mitigated”, but criticises the PSD for using the topic with “marked political opportunism”.

“The PCP refutes and regrets the statements to national media, made by various political leaders, in particular the PSD, conveying the image of a city as being invaded by rats, cockroaches and pigeons”.

This image “does not correspond to reality” and the PSD “makes a terrible contribution to the tourist promotion and economic development of the city”, harming traders and entrepreneurs and Évora's candidacy for European Capital of Culture.

At issue is a statement signed by the president of the Union of Parishes of Évora, Francisco Branco de Brito, elected by a coalition led by the PSD, in which he demands the “urgent disinfestation” of the historic centre, due to the alleged proliferation of pests.

On Tuesday, in statements to Lusa, the mayor warned that the proliferation of pests in public spaces, such as rats, cockroaches or pigeons, is “becoming a major problem” and reiterated the need for “urgent disinfestation”.