According to the company, this is "a necessary suspension" due to the development of the extension works of the Porto metro network in the area of Cordoaria/Hospital de Santo António.

Metro works have also suspended tram line 22 which connects Carmo to Batalha, since November 2021 and for a period of about three years.

Regarding the suspension of Line 18, STCP proposes as an alternative connection between the areas of Carmo, Museu do Carro Eléctrico (Massarelos) and Ribeira (Infante) by using a bus system, on Line 900 (Porto variant), which makes the route Cordoaria/São Bento.

The connection to Foz (Passeio Alegre) may be made in bus mode on Line 500 (Pç. Liberdade-Matosinhos [market]) or, in tram mode, on Line 1 (Infante-Passeio Alegre), which will have the service reinforced, with minimum frequency of 12 minutes.

The company stresses that holders of Andante monthly subscriptions (with Prt1 and/or Prt2 zones included, and Metropolitano), as well as holders of Porto subscriptions, may ride on the city's historic trams at no extra cost.

STCP adds in a statement that it is expected that by the end of October conditions will be met for the return of Line 18.

The extension works of the Yellow Line and the construction of the Pink Line represent in total an addition of six kilometres and seven stations to Metro do Porto network and a total investment of over 400 million euros.

The company's goal is to have the Pink Line operating in the first quarter of 2025, after the conclusion of works in December 2024.

STCP ensures public road passenger transport in the Metropolitan Area of Porto (AMP), on an exclusive basis within the limits of the municipality of Porto, and on a general concession basis in the adjoining municipalities - Gondomar, Matosinhos, Maia, Valongo and Vila Nova de Gaia. It operates mainly buses and, to a lesser extent, tramcars.

STCP is a public limited company of exclusively public capital, with an inter-municipal nature.

The municipality of Porto is the majority shareholder, the remaining shares being divided between the other five municipalities where STCP operates.