According to a report by Lusa, the objective is to ensure that by 2026 there is an accumulated average increase of 20% in workers' salaries compared to 2022, indicates the proposal for a medium-term agreement to improve incomes, wages and competitiveness.

According to the executive, with the objective of "increasing the share of the labour factor in the product, converging with the European average, it is necessary to agree on a policy of valorisation of income" based on inflation, productivity and an "additional salary".

"Taking into account these assumptions, in order to achieve the proposed objective, it is estimated that an additional salary of 1.3 p.p. [percentage points] is necessary - translating into a nominal appreciation of remuneration per worker of 4.8% each year, on average, in the years 2023 to 2026", the document reads.

The Government emphasizes that "this will represent an increase of approximately 20% in the average income per worker in 2026 compared to 2022".