Anacom has held the second public consultation on the coverage of the so-called “white areas” (where there is no network), and so far, it has identified a total universe of 450 thousand buildings without broadband, in a total of 470 thousand, compared with the 286 thousand identified in the previous consultation.

The Government had announced this week a public consultation on the subject and the parts of the tender for its installation and operation. “At the request of the Government and within the scope of its assistance attributions, Anacom is promoting a public consultation on the implementation of very high-capacity public electronic communications networks in the 'white areas', using public funding, namely from the European Union”, says Anacom.

The regulator led by João Cadete de Matos underlines that “this is the second public consultation launched on the identification of white areas”, the first having been launched “in January and it already has a more precise identification of white areas, since a new collection of information and the designation of geographic areas was supported by the coverage information with a granularity at the address level” (where each address corresponds to a single building).