According to a report by CM, this morning (2 November) saw long queues at several health centres across the country. This appears to be the biggest problem at the beginning of each month, with the lack of doctors being highlighted as one of the main causes of the queues.

CM reports that dozens of patients had been waiting since dawn to be able to schedule an emergency consultation. In the case of the health center in Algueirão-Mem-Martins, patients have been waiting since 5:00am to be able to make an appointment for the month of November, and many of them do not have a family doctor. At the health centre in question, users complain about a lack of information and that many of them have to leave without managing to schedule an appointment.

The Odivelas health centre had a very similar scenario. The queue started at 4:00am and it was only at around 9:00am that appointments began to be distributed.