The results of the analysis show that "33% of the Portuguese admit that, in the face of an unforeseen event (e.g. repair of their car), they could pay from their savings an amount equivalent to less than one month's salary, without going into debt", according to a statement that Notícias ao Minuto had access to. This percentage is above the European average, which stands at 26%.

The Intrum study reveals that 84% of the Portuguese manage to save every month, but 63% are dissatisfied with what they can save.

"In the group of five countries whose consumers are most dissatisfied with the value of savings, are Greece (73%), Romania (71%), Poland (65%), Slovakia (64%), and Portugal.

The study also reveals that the "atypical events that the world faces (post-pandemic, war, increasingly high inflation), led the Portuguese to focus on the importance of ensuring their financial security". In this way, 53% of the Portuguese are saving to protect their financial well-being and 56% have set goals to better manage their expenses and savings.