The ASCCGP highlighted, "the inertia, apathy and disregard of the Ministry of Justice regarding the problems of the prison system".

The objectives of the strike, according to the ASCCGP, is aimed at creating a new professional statute, regulating the performance evaluation of the prison guard, opening competitions for all categories, paying the prison security supplement and solving structural problems in the prison system. However, minimum services will be guaranteed on the two days of strike.

Denouncing "bad working conditions", as well as "low and inconsistent salaries", the union body also regretted the lack of prospects for career development and the lack of recognition.

Among the main problems currently affecting prisons, the ASCCGP highlighted the existence of several escape attempts in some prisons, namely Ponta Delgada and Chaves, the support of other security forces at night due to the lack of professionals, conflicts between inmates and episodes of violence suffered by prison guards.