At the end of October, 61.9% of the territory was in a situation of mild (34.3%), moderate (17.9%) and severe (9.7%) drought, while at the end of September, the drought situation spread across the entire country.

According to the bulletin, available on the IPMA website, at the end of last month there was no meteorological drought in the northwest region and in most of the central region, “after nine to 10 months in this situation”.

The meteorological drought remains in the north interior (Bragança and Vila Real districts) and part of the central region (south of Coimbra), which are in the mild drought class.

The Alentejo and Algarve also continue to experience meteorological drought, but with a decrease in intensity, now being in the moderate drought class.

Severe drought still persists in an interior strip of the Baixo Alentejo and eastern Algarve, explains the bulletin.

Hot and wet

According to the IPMA, the month of October in mainland Portugal was classified as very hot in terms of air temperature and rainy in terms of precipitation.

The mean air temperature was 18.73 degrees Celsius, 2.53°C higher than the normal value, making it the fifth warmest October in the last 92 years.

The total rainfall for the month was 121.2 mm, which corresponds to 123% of the normal value.

The bulletin also indicates that there has been a significant increase in the percentage of water in the soil in almost the entire territory, particularly in the Northwest region, on the Central coast and in some places in Beira Baixa.