As part of the operation, which will take place in mainland Portugal and in the Autonomous Regions of Madeira and the Azores, “the PSP will increase its presence on public roads, reinforcing the visibility and capacity to prevent the occurrence of criminal offenses, contributing to an increase in the feeling of security of citizens”, says the PSP in a statement.

“Since this is the first Christmas season without restriction measures, after two years of the pandemic, it becomes (even more) necessary to continually value road safety and reinforce the call on citizens to comply with the rules of the Highway Code, adapt your driving and the speed at which you drive to the state of the road and the weather conditions that are currently occurring”, adds the statement.

The PSP states that it will carry out “preventive visibility operations, along with inspections during the festive season, with a special focus on the main causes of accidents: speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and/or psychotropic substances, cell phone use while driving and non-use (or incorrect use) of seat belts and restraint systems”.

In the week leading up to Christmas, inspection will focus not only on large urban centers – anticipating the influx of people and vehicles in the vicinity of shopping areas –, but also on access to the main interurban road axes, accompanying traditional journeys for family gatherings.

The PSP will also maintain visibility in areas with a greater influx of people, namely historic areas, public transport terminals, and tourist areas.