The total size of the land is 16 hectares and costs 2.5 million euros.

However, construction on the land will be limited and the council of Odemira has explained that whatever is done there will have to respect the territorial planning instruments, according to a report by Idealista.

“This land has 16 hectares, with 900 square meters (m2) of construction, with sea and river views. It includes two maritime beaches and a river beach”, reads the advertisement from Remax Moderna, the real estate agency responsible for negotiating the sale.

According to the Público newspaper, one of the concerns raised by citizens residing in Milfontes is whether access to the Franquia river beach and the maritime beaches of Carreiro da Fazenda and Furnas could be banned in the future.

Currently, the land, as well as the beaches, are private property and have been in the possession of the same family since the 17th century, according to information provided by the real estate agency to the newspaper. However, as explained by Público, a decision by the Administrative and Fiscal Court of Beja, dated 15 February 2016, recognises the private ownership of the land.

The Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) also says that the areas covered by bathing areas "are not subject to private appropriation, because they are part of the bed of seawater".

The mayor of Odemira, Hélder Guerreiro, also said that the public interest “is safeguarded in all its dimensions”, and that whoever buys it “will always have to respect the land use planning, as well as the associated conditions of use to the public interest.”