According to the survey commissioned by the insurance company Europ Assistance, during the week the personal car is the most used means of transport in Portugal (37% use it for more than one hour a day), which increases at the weekend (40% ), while the average for the six countries is 29 and 31%, respectively.

Not even the changes triggered by the covid-19 pandemic, the cost of transport, or environmental concerns changed the prominent position occupied by the car when travelling in Portugal.

Walking comes in second place in the country, both during the week (32%) and during the weekend (30%), being the main form of travel in the average of these countries (33 and 35%).

The use of public transport appears in third place, both in Portugal (15% and 8%), and in the average of the six European countries (14 and 9%).

Regarding the distance between home and work, more than half (58%) of journeys in Portugal are less than 10 kilometres, the average being slightly lower (52%).

The survey also reveals that "nearly half of Europeans also use bicycles as an alternative means of transport, with electric bicycles adopted by one in five people".

Portuguese spending most

Ipsos surveyed 6,000 people online, with “national samples representing 1,000 people per country”, concluding that Portugal is the country that spends the most monthly on mobility (fuel, tolls, parking, public transport, bicycle or scooter rental, tvde - individual passenger transport in uncharacterized vehicles managed by an electronic platform).

The monthly budget in Portugal reaches 150 euros, above France (145), Italy (135), Germany (134), Belgium (128) and Spain (109). The average of the six is 133 euros.

The study was carried out between November 29 and December 9, 2022 and indicates that the covid-19 pandemic led to some changes in mobility habits, making walking, cycling and scootering more frequent.

Electric bicycles are more used in Belgium and Germany than in other countries, while bicycles and scooters are more popular in Germany and Italy.