The Government's proposal was generally approved last Friday, with favourable votes from the PS - PCP, BE while Chega voted against, and PSD, IL and PAN abstained. The final global vote does not yet have a defined date, but, with an absolute majority of the Socialists, final approval is guaranteed, unless the PS itself decides to change the document.

The Automobile Association of Portugal (ACAP) studied the impact of the increase in this tax on the caravanning business and on the sectors associated with it, such as tourism and catering.

The report of this study will be presented at the parliamentary committee on Budget and Finance, but the secretary general of ACAP summarised to DN/DV the main conclusions of the survey of more than three thousand members.

"Right now, on average, a citizen who buys a motorhome pays around three thousand euros for ISV, with the increase in tax, as it is, that value will increase by more than €10,000".

"For traders, it is estimated an additional cost that could be around €600,000 euros if they decide to absorb this increase in the price to be charged to the final customer", adds the official, who considers "this change in the collection of the tax excessive and asks the deputies to "discuss other forms of reducing the benefit without prejudice to a sector already so affected by the pandemic and the crisis of semiconductors and raw materials".