The Association for Protection of Animals Algarve keeps pressing on, maintaining its popular appearance of ‘Pop-Up’ shops and events around the Algarve. Although SNiP (Spaying & Neutering Programme), sounds simple, it isn’t of course. When abandoned animals are taken in by the community, they need to be fed, and given a bed. Treated professionally when poorly and ensured a better life in their future, forever home. Chipping, vaccinations, operations. Not to put it too bluntly, the works!

‘Emma’ is one such orphan. An innocent victim of a road-kill attempt, magically survived, the traumas of pelvic surgery. Invasive, necessary, and life-giving. Expensive? Yes! APAA’s pockets go quite deep in keeping to their ‘Here to Help’ motto. So deep in someone’s heart is a comfy cat place for an affectionate, feline friend ‘Emma’. One of the pre-Christmas abandoned puppies are now ready for homing, the other two were at their forever homes last week.

The next event will be APAA’s dinner 7.30pm 1 March at ‘O Tasco’ forever good food and charming Alexey Martinez playing guitar and singing in a cosy ambiance.

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Teaming up with Jenny Clarke and APAA’s latest ‘Pop-Up’ will be Isabel Searle’s ‘Tiny Shelter’ located in Albufeira. “Coincidences do happen!” Jenny is quick to explain. “One of our Silves charity shop gals, as it so happens, also works for ‘Tiny Shelter’. Really? “Anyway, Isabel was interested in doing ‘Pop-Ups’ for Albufeira area.” Go on. “Resulting in a really good team for ‘Jolly’s Bar’ Alvor on the 24 March 10.30am-2.00pm.”

Amongst the ‘Team’ as Jenny puts it, will be Anita heading the group with Jenny. Helpers are always at hand. Algarve’s artiste Gill Goode with her prints and cards. Fiona’s Fi-line fashions, natural make-up and hand-made jewellery. And, of course ‘Tiny Shelter’ taking up a table to test out the ‘Pop-Up’ scene. What a busy exciting event. “In between all of this”. Jenny has a list to check off, which seems to be getting longer. “Is APAA’s members only, AGA.” Serious stuff.

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APAA’s AGA, 13 March, will be at ‘Recanto dos Mouros’ Silves 11.30am. There will be a super lunch after, (12.30) for members and non-members. A wonderful choice of menu. A welcome for newcomers and a chance to have a chat, chuckle and chew.

“Nearly forgot! The ‘Casa de Pasto da Pareirrinha’ Odelouca, is having a DIY ‘Pop-Up’ on 3 March. Between 4-6pm.” Another box ticked off. “New jams, I decided to experiment!” Sounds good. So something for the ladies as well.

Book direct ‘O Tasco’ dinner. ‘Recanto dos Mouros’ lunch Jenny +351 919 041 905. Re-homing