Of these arrests, 258 were for driving under the influence of alcohol, 174 for driving without a legal license, 35 for drug trafficking and 27 for theft. According to Notícias ao Minuto, ten people were also detained for illegal possession of weapons and prohibited weapons, nine for domestic violence and one for forest fire.

These operations, which took place throughout the entire national territory, also resulted in the seizure of 2,724 doses of heroin, 2,719.8 doses of hashish, 115.7 doses of cocaine, 28,272 doses of marijuana, 15.2 doses of cannabis oil, 15 LSD stamps, 12 amphetamine pills, eight MDMA pills and three cannabis plants.

With regard to road accidents, 9,015 infractions were detected in that period, with emphasis on: 1,950 for speeding; 753 for lack of mandatory periodic inspection; 521 for missing or incorrect use of the seat belt and/or child restraint system; 370 related to anomalies in the lighting and signaling systems; 332 for improper use of the cell phone while driving; 325 for lack of liability insurance; 302 for driving with a blood alcohol level higher than that permitted by law and 287 related to tachographs.