According to Noticias ao Minuto, "The number of unemployed registered in the IEFP, in February, was the second lowest ever (315,645 people), in the months of February. It registered a decrease of -8.3% (-28,619 people) compared to the same month last year. This month, a chain decrease of -6,442 people was recorded, representing a decrease of -2.0%," read a statement.

Youth unemployment was "also the second lowest in that month on record, with a decrease of -4.5% (-1,660 young people) compared to February 2022 and a chain decrease of -1.5%."

In February there were 34,854 young people unemployed and the percentage of youth unemployment compared to the total number of unemployed was 11%, according to the tutelage, citing IEFP figures.

Long-term unemployment covered 120,873 people, thus registering a decrease of -28.5% compared to February 2022 (-48,150 people) and a chain decrease of -2.4% (-2,991 people).

Also in the same month, registered unemployment "decreased in all regions, with emphasis on the reduction of -9.5% in the Algarve region. In year-on-year terms, there are also decreases throughout the country (with emphasis on the reduction of -10.7% in the Algarve region and -10.2% in the Lisbon region)".

"In February, the sub-sectors that are contributing the most to the decrease in unemployment, compared to January, are accommodation, catering and similar (-5.4%) and financial and insurance activities (-4.8%)."