“I invited the President of Ukraine to visit Lisbon and also address our parliament in a plenary session. I did so, as I said, under the powers I have, but also aware that I would have the immense majority of parliament with me when I made this request, which was immediately accepted”, announced Santos Silva.

According to the Rules of Procedure, it is incumbent upon the President of the Assembly of the Republic, after hearing the conference of leaders, “to invite, on an exceptional basis, national and foreign individuals to take a seat in the plenary meeting room and speak”.

The president of the parliament also said that he made available “the very great knowledge that exists” in the Assembly, “whether at the level of the deputies, of the European Affairs Committee, but also of other committees or at the level of the civil servants”, to support Ukraine in the process of applying for membership of the European Union.

“And my expectation is that in the next visit of President Stefanchuk here to the Assembly of the Republic, we can sign a memorandum of understanding, formalizing this cooperation”, he pointed out.