The tax burden on the average selling price of 95 petrol was, in Portugal, around 49.4%, slightly lower than the average recorded in the EU-27 (50.3%) and higher than that of Spain (46.3% )".

Among eight countries analysed in greater detail -- Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands -- "Spain had the lowest average selling price, around 4.8 cents/l lower than the average price practiced in Portugal", notes ERSE.

With regard to simple diesel, "in the first quarter of 2023, Portugal presented average prices with taxes lower by 9.0 cent/l than the average values verified in the EU-27", and, "without taxes, the national values were 2.7 cent/l lower than the average values found in the EU-27".

"Portugal presented a tax burden on the average price of simple diesel in the order of 41.6%, in the quarter under review, a value lower than the average registered in the EU-27 (43.2%)", details ERSE.